Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Had a great weekend with and GoPro as well as the very talented Tiaan Odendaal for the course preview of the 2014 UCI World Cup Downhill course to be raced this weekend. Had a lot a Cameras around and stuck the Gopro's all over the show. It was really difficult to get the right shots as the course is so gnarly the Camera where getting wrecked. We also used some Drones. DJI drone worked really well and we got some crazy clips that we chucked in the edit. We spent the whole day there with the RedBull South Africa crew smashing a few cans to get some Wiings and keep on going. Kevin Sawyer was on form nailing some crazy stills. You can check out some of his images here at []. All in all a great day filming, shooting and a long ass edit. But we got the job done! Check the Vimeo Link :

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lay Day Shaping Day.

Yesterday I got the chance to shoot my good mates shaping there own boards. I have always known what shaping is about and kinda how its done. But flip, its one hell of an art form thats not for the impatient. Both Damien Stander and Jago England are the true definition of core surfers making, shaping and surfing there quality designs. It was really cool to watch them for hours on end, crit , shape, fix, shift, measure , sand cut and mould what we simply purchase and communicate as a good board. There is so many fine measurement that determine exactly how the board will perform down to the millimetre when shapers make boards. All this is done by hand, each board is never exactly the same but built for function to the athletes specs he requires to perform on tour or just in his backyard. 

Just think next time you get on the board what went into it and how well made it was.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sudden East Swell in the 031

Durban lights up for a good morning along the golden mile, showing its true golden image with a few spitting pits for those who could get the hands on a few. Whilst the rip was strong the boys scooped a few. I shot with my 50mm and 7D for some draw back line up shots and tried to get  few portrait style shots of surfers that got a few . I love Durban in the AM, bliss with a mix of power.

 Diary Bowl with a Nug left of about 4ft.
 Big set rolling into New Pier
New Pier showing off as usual.
Wedge with a few wide sets.